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HAMPLAB welcomes researchers, volunteers, students, and community partners interested in understanding health and aging outcomes in Black Americans, African immigrants and refugees, and West Africans. Specifically, we welcome those with a special focus on health equity and justice, men's health, cancer risks and prevention, illness survivorship, narrative medicine, community-engaged research, and Alzheimer's disease risks and prevention.

Lab Director and Principal Investigator

Darlingtina K. Esiaka, Ph.D, CPH, CPG


I am an NIA (K99/R00) funded Post Doctoral Scholar at the Center for Health Equity Transformation (CHET), University of Kentucky College of Medicine. In 2019, I received a dual-title Ph.D. in Psychology and Gerontology from the University of Kansas. My research utilizes an interdisciplinary method to examine social determinants of health (SDoH) in Black communities. It addresses the critical void as to what is known about the influence of SDoH on health outcomes in Black populations. 



Twitter (X): @dkesiaka




Post-docs & Graduate Trainees

Albert Junior Nyarko, MA, BA


I am a graduate of MA in Communication from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, Washington State University. Broadly, my research uses an interdisciplinary method to promote positive health behavior, well-being, and health equity. As a doctoral researcher in HAMPLAB, I am interested in utilizing community-engaged research to examine cancer risks and prevention, illness survivorship, and Alzheimer’s disease risks and prevention in underserved communities in the US and globally.



Twitter (X): @AlbertJuniorNy


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HAMPLAB will soon be accepting applications for postdoctoral and graduate positions.


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