The Team


HAMPLAB welcomes researchers, volunteers, students, and community partners interested in understanding health and aging outcomes in Black Americans, African immigrants, and West Africans. Specifically, we welcome those with a special focus on health equity and justice, men's health, cancer risks and prevention, illness survivorship, narrative medicine, community-engaged research, and Alzheimer's disease risks and prevention.

Lab Director and Principal Investigator

Darlingtina K. Esiaka, Ph.D, CPH, CPG


I am an NIA (K99/R00) funded Post Doctoral Scholar at the Center for Health Equity Transformation (CHET), University of Kentucky College of Medicine. In 2019, I received a dual-title Ph.D. in Psychology and Gerontology from the University of Kansas. My research utilizes an interdisciplinary method to examine social determinants of health (SDoH) among older Black men. It addresses the critical void as to what is known about the influence of SDoH on health outcomes among Black men. 



Twitter: @dkesiaka




Post-doc & Graduate Trainees

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HAMPLAB will soon be accepting applications for postdoctoral and graduate positions.


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Undergraduate Research Assistants

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Former Research Assistants (Union College)

Alice Cheng


Alice Cheng's research interests include the impact of psychological and cultural factors on public health and health outcomes. She expects to attend Albany Medical College after graduating from Union College.



Daniel Schratz


Daniel Schratz's research interests include combining disciplines like neuroscience and psychology to research issues like mental health and provide aid to those with mental health disorders.



Hana Young


Hana Young's research interests in mental health care across minority groups and public health. She hopes to attend graduate school and become a clinical psychologist in the future.



Jessalyn Li


Jessalyn has a strong interest in public health. In her spare time, she likes to read and laugh with friends. 



Liam Shaughnessy


Liam's research interests are in Social Psychology and the psychology of languages. He hopes to pursue a career in Marketing Research or Advertising. 



Johanna (Jojo) Sosa


Jojo's research interest is mental health among diverse populations and developmental psychology. After graduating from Union, she hopes to go to graduate school and work with children.

Mia Minuto


Mia is interested in addiction, disorders, and mental health in society.



Kelsey Brodie



International Research Assistants

Azezzat O. Akinola



Former Research Assistants (University of Kansas)

Aroog Khaliq


Aroog's research interests is cross-cultural attitudes toward health, pubic health, and eating disorders. She hopes to attend medical school and work with Doctors without Borders in the future.



Taylor Allen



Kyeisha Ross



Courtney Alexander